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How Not To Get Ripped Of With Capped Price Servicing

capped price service

Cap price servicing is it a ripoff?

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Types of servicing

With our BMW services at Bosch, we will make sure that only the most highly trained of professionals will be working on your vehicle, ensuring the best possible service for your BMW.

Ensuring even better care of your BMW, we here at Bosch only do what is best for your vehicle. This includes using BMW scheduled service requirements, BMW approved tools, and BMW diagnostic scanners.

Also approved by BMW are the various parts and techniques we use to service your vehicle. This ensures that you will always get what is best for your BMW to keep it running at optimum.


  • We have all the BMW diagnostic equipment that the main dealer has.
  • A full complement of the latest, BMW specific, factory tools.
  • BMW servicing as per the manufacturer’s stated requirements, without any corners cut.
  • All our technician are experienced in the servicing, care and repair of Gold Coast BMWs.
  • We are a fraction of the cost of main dealership servicing.
  • We can usually provide you with a courtesy car.
  • Bosch Euro Car Service Centre is a name you can trust your pride and joy to.
Car guide had this to say;

“There is no surer cure for the heady rush that comes with buying a new car than when that service reminder light first pops up on your dashboard, signalling your entry into a confusing world of financial pain that lasts the life of your vehicle.

BMW servicing

And that’s because automotive mechanics are like the grease-stained Freemasons of our time: a secret-society engaged in mysterious and murky goings-on understood only by the chosen. Because who really knows what happens when your car goes behind that roller door? And just what are these strange and notoriously expensive fluids that keep popping up on your bill? Liquified diamonds?”



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what is capped price servicing

AAAA launches the ‘Truth About Capped Price Servicing’ brochure

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